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Developing Retention Cultures
What Transpires Between the First Day and the Last Day

Mike Horne is writing a book tentatively titled Building Retention Cultures: What Transpires between the First and Last Day of Employment. Mike is collecting anecdotes, descriptions, and stories about first and last days of employment. Do you have an experience to share regarding your first or last day on a job?

In exchange for your story, we will acknowledge you in the book (with your permission) and you will receive a complimentary copy of the book. We may use excerpts of stories collected in all editions of the book, as well as in advertisements and promotions, nonexclusively, throughout the world. Mike will acknowledge all submissions to this website. Do you have a story about your first or last day of employment to share?

Below is the self-interview for the First Day, Last Day. Don't worry; we prefer that you do not identify the employer in your first day, last day experience! Respond to as many, or as few, questions as you would like.

  1. Are you describing a current or former employment experience?

  2. What type of position do you describe in the experience? Were you a manager or executive, a professional, a technician, a sales person, an office or clerical person, a skilled craft worker, a laborer, a service worker, or in some other type of position?

  3. After you were hired, what were you expectations regarding employment? Did you imagine yourself being successful? Did you have prospects for long-term employment?

  4. What were your thoughts and feelings on your very first day on the job?

  5. What were the circumstances that contributed to your departure? Did you leave voluntarily?

  6. What were your thoughts and feelings on your very last day on the job?

  7. If you were to offer advice on keeping or retaining employees, what two or three pieces of advice would you offer?

  8. Do you have additional comments?

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